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tips for making the perfect cheese board

One of the worst things that happens to my family on Thanksgiving dinner is arriving early and the food isn’t ready. I don’t know about you but my thanksgiving dinner is just like me and is always behind schedule. That means that my family suffers from smelling all the delicious food but not having one bite. Sorry you guys! BUUUTTT, this year I’m bringing in a game changer. This year, the food will still be late as per usual but there will be a delicious cheese plate waiting for them! 

Everybody loves a good cheese plate and they’re so easy to make! So if you’re like me and your thanksgiving dinner is always behind schedule you can calm your hungry guest with a delicious and personalized cheese plate! I came up with a couple of tips for you to create your own perfect cheese board!

Tips on How to Make the Perfect Cheese Plate

Tip #1: Pick out your favorite cheeses! I know it sounds super easy but don't go to the grocery store and pick out super fancy cheeses that you don't even know what they taste like. Pick out cheese that you’ve had and loved before.Don’t worry if you’re totally new to the vast cheese world. It’s totally okay to pick out cheeses you would eat on a regular day. Stuff like cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella. Hell, even if you like squeezable cheese get a can of that. The key of making a cheese plate that you will love is picking cheese that you love. 

Tip #2: If you feeling really adventurous try one cheese that you may have never tried before. Maybe a sweet brie or a smoked gouda. Don't be afraid to ask for some help from your local cheese monger. If you have a large selection of cheese in your grocery story 9/10 there is a cheese person there to help you. Ask for samples and ask what types of cheese they would recommend for new cheese lovers. 

Tip #3: Now even though the cheese is the star of the plate, they would be nothing without sides. Grab one type of cracker for each type of cheese. So, if you have three cheese get three kinds of crackers. You can even switch out a cracker for some bread or bread sticks. Bread is honestly my favorite thing to have with cheese! Be aware that bread tends to dry out easy so Covering it with a towel will help! 

Tip #4: To finish off the cheese plate add some things that you would love to eat with cheese. Stuff like jams, grape tomatoes, olives, chips, fruits, dried fruits, nuts, different kinds of spreads like tapenade, and maybe some deli meats. The extra toppings will really make your cheese plate shine! Your guest can try out different combination and new things that they may have never tried before. Get crazy with it and have fun eating your perfect cheese plate. 

My favorite cheese pairings

Lighter in Flavor (pair with anything really)

A sweet milky brie 


Mild Flavor (pair with meats & fresh fruit) 

Smoked Gouda 


Stronger in flavor (pair with jams or spreads)

Pasturizes of Eden Feta (from Trader Joe’s) 

Goat Cheese

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