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I’m Alex and I’m the woman behind Three Hungry Bellies! I’m 24 years old & I live in Brooklyn, NY. I love dogs & my favorite color is yellow. I spend most of my time in the kitchen, roaming the aisles of grocery stores trying to find something new & interesting, and reading articles & cookbooks. I’m pretty much food obsessed but when I’m not in the kitchen cooking up a storm, I’m shopping for houseplants to join my little plant family, binging Youtube videos, and spending time with my family and friends.


Back in Dece mber of 2017, I had finished getting my bachelors degree in finance and was on my way to hitting my 1 year anniversary working at a real estate company doing their accounting. I was unhappy with the choices I made and I was looking to escape. I wasn't sure who I was or what I wanted to do but I knew that I loved cooking & baking with all my heart. 

So after I finished my last college final exam I came home and created Three Hungry Bellies as a creative outlet for me to get lost in the kitchen. I would cook up a storm late at night and create some of the most delicious things, eat them with my family, and then share them with the world. 

Around the same time, my curiosity about asian food had just started kicking in and  I found myself appreciating my culture as well as other asian cultures a lot more. Now I love making asian food and I'm constantly inspired to try out new dishes and ingredients.  I love classic dishes like Hainanese chicken with ginger rice, mapo tofu, crispy pork over white rice, scallion pancakes, and oyakodon! However, my weakness really goes into hyper drive when it comes to noodles. Noodle soup, noodle stir fries, pan fried noodles, pearl noodles. You name it, I’m the bubba gump of noodles!


I also have an insane sweet tooth and have been baking since I was 8. Actually, the first ever real recipe I made was a big batch of cinnamon rolls! So, naturally I have tons of sweet recipes here as well. They range from super easy but insanely delicious one bowl recipes like my one layer chocolate sheet cake to soft & fluffy sweet breads like my favorite milk bun recipe! But no matter what I’m making in the kitchen, I hope that you find a recipe you love here on three hungry bellies. The food I make may not be the most traditional, or the most authentic— but it is the most authentic representation of me & my experiences. I hope you enjoy them and welcome to Three Hungry Bellies, my little space on the internet.
With love,

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