my go to acai bowl for any day of the year

Making acai bowls at home require two things: One being that 98 percent of the ingredients in the base need to be frozen or thick in texture and the second one is that your blender/food processor needs to be on point. When I mean on point, I mean this acai shouldn't take you more than 3 minutes to make. No scooping in and out, no extra liquid, no blending in portions, none of it. I'm looking at you Nicole. (hi nicole!) But once you've got a great blender/food processor you'll be eating acai bowls year round because if you're like me eating an acai bowl doesn't just have to be in the summer or during a specific time of day. If I want an acai bowl in the dead of winter Im totally eating it. Plus, it won't melt as fast and that's always a bonus. Even though summer is coming to an end don't let anyone tell you when you can and can't have an acai bowl. Go ahead, eat your frozen antioxidant packed treat cause I'm right here doing it with you.


For the base

- 1 packet of Trader Joe’s unsweetened organic acai puree packets

- 1 frozen banana

- splash of oat milk ( about 2- 3 tablespoons)


- nectarines

- strawberries

- semi sweet vegan chocolate chips

- coconut shreds

- almond butter

- feuilletine


  1. In a blender or a food processor (I use a food processor cause my blender sucks) blend the frozen acai puree, banana, and oat milk until its smooth.

  2. While your blending your acai mix, wash and cut up all your fruit.

  3. Once the base is creamy, scoop it out into a bowl and top with all your toppings!!

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